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Peering, edge computing, and community with Grant Kirkwood

This is a podcast episode titled, Peering, edge computing, and community with Grant Kirkwood. The summary for this episode is: <p>Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Unitas Global, Grant Kirkwood, joins Network AF to discuss motivations for starting the company and where they're at currently. Avi and Grant talk about what it is like to be a service provider and a solution provider (MSP) in one, and how it plays into what Avi calls the APIfication of networks and IT strategy. Topics throughout the conversation include: </p><ul><li>Non-software enterprise companies and whether or not they'll adopt more interest in peering</li><li>Donut Peering and creating better interconnection</li><li>Building reliable and resilient networks for edge computing</li><li>Unitas' growth and how Grant thinks about building networking skills internally</li><li>Looking for people to join the team who are curious</li></ul>
Episode overview and intro to Grant Kirkwood
01:59 MIN
Why Grant wanted to start Unitas
02:28 MIN
What it has been like having a service provider and solution provider bundled together in a market where people are less opinionated due to on-demand consumable cloud services
03:33 MIN
The APIfication of networks and IT strategy
04:26 MIN
Grant's thoughts on whether or not companies in non-software enterprises will adopt more interest in peering
05:08 MIN
Donut Peering, "packet destiny," and creating better interconnection
07:15 MIN
Building reliable and resilient networks with the concept of edge computing latency
08:42 MIN
Unitas' growth and Grant's thoughts on career progression with networking skills at the company
04:36 MIN
Looking for people with curiosity, and how that trait can show up during interviews
04:27 MIN
Cosmology, physics, and system-level thinking
04:41 MIN