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Untangling business in the ISP industry with Elliot Noss

This is a podcast episode titled, Untangling business in the ISP industry with Elliot Noss. The summary for this episode is: <p>On today's episode of the Network AF podcast, Avi welcomes Elliot Noss, President, and CEO of Tucows. Elliot has a love and passion for the internet that started the moment he was introduced to it. This passion comes through as he discusses his goals in networking and the positive change he wants to make in solving cybercrime issues at the DNS level. Not only is Elliot an expert in networking, but also a great leader. He shares insight into the importance of providing exceptional customer support and how it starts with building a culture around passionate people at Tucows. Listen now!</p>
Elliots start at Tucows
03:30 MIN
How Elliot became interested in networking
02:56 MIN
Building 70 million homes in the U.S. fiber market
01:47 MIN
Building a telecom developer-focused platform in the future
03:00 MIN
A passion for the internet, and a goal to solve cybercrime issues at the DNS level
05:32 MIN
Life at Tucows: Building a culture with happy workers
02:55 MIN
Pieces of advice for a younger Elliot
01:01 MIN