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Backbone engineering and interconnection with Nina Bargisen

This is a podcast episode titled, Backbone engineering and interconnection with Nina Bargisen. The summary for this episode is: <p>Today's conversation is with Nina Bargisen, Director of GTM Strategy for the Service Provider customer segment at Kentik. She is an experienced interconnection specialist, and today she shares her journey through the networking industry. You'll get to hear about hot topics within the industry, with insights into what we can be on the lookout for in the future. Most importantly, Nina discusses how mentoring, learning processes, and community helped her get to where she is now that can help you get into the world of networking as well. Lastly, Avi and Nina discuss the critical topic of inclusivity and how we can be better. Listen now!</p>
Letting people be wrong - Having your own frame of reference
01:04 MIN
What was helpful to Nina early on in her career
02:06 MIN
What made Nina interested in interconnection and peering
04:04 MIN
The brilliance by design - Netflix
01:55 MIN
What Nina is excited about in Networking, right now
03:41 MIN
Processes of learning and can we be better at formalizing these?
02:09 MIN
Nina's advice for those who want to enter the internet and infrastructure world
01:06 MIN
Making the industry more diverse - What we can start and stop doing
03:49 MIN