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Networks and interconnectivity with Hank Kilmer

This is a podcast episode titled, Networks and interconnectivity with Hank Kilmer. The summary for this episode is: <p>In today's episode of Network AF, Avi interviews Hank Kilmer, Vice President of IP Engineering at Cogent. The two discuss Hank's career running major internet backbones, how he got into networking in the late 80's, and his thoughts on mentorship in the networking community.</p>
Intro/Overview of Episode
00:42 MIN
Hanks background
02:33 MIN
How Hank entered Networking
02:13 MIN
Taking a special interest in interconnectivity
01:18 MIN
Mentorship and Communication
03:59 MIN
Learning by failure and breaking infrastructure
04:29 MIN
Cogent's infrastructure presence
03:19 MIN
Customer configurations and system behaviors
02:36 MIN
Building redundancies
01:50 MIN
The size of Cogent's networking teams
01:52 MIN
Cogent's design predictability and consistency
00:38 MIN
The evolution of Cogent's backbone
03:24 MIN
Interacting, listening, and getting consensus
02:39 MIN
How to bring people into the networking community
03:35 MIN
The hobbyist era and tribal knowledge
03:00 MIN
Advice to younger self
03:49 MIN