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Phil Gervasi on Network Observability and Cisco Live

This is a podcast episode titled, Phil Gervasi on Network Observability and Cisco Live. The summary for this episode is: <p>Phil Gervasi, Kentik's Head of Technical Evangelism stops by Network AF today to speak with host Avi Freedman about all things network observability and to recap their experiences at Cisco Live. Phil was a network engineer for 15 years prior to switching to marketing and finding his way into technical evangelism. In this conversation the two focus on building a foundation for data mining and collecting information that could better inform network intelligence and insights from observability platforms like Kentik.</p><p><br></p><p><strong><em>Highlights of today's conversation include:</em></strong></p><ul><li>[01:23] Avi and Phil discuss highlights from Cisco Live</li><li>[03:35] Everybody is doing observability</li><li>[04:57] Actionable insights</li><li>[06:00] Bridging the gap with education and interest in networking</li><li>[08:18] Network operations-focused innovation</li><li>[10:45] How the industry is assisting engineer operations and architecture</li><li>[12:48] Correlation and machine learning</li><li>[16:19] Telemetry, ML, AI, and marketing fluff</li><li>[22:23] Collecting telemetry and solving difficult problems with automation in a multi-vendor environment</li><li>[26:29] Life Cycle Automation</li><li>[28:53] Building a foundation for intelligence and observability</li><li>[33:03] What Phil is looking forward to next year at Cisco Live</li></ul>