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Welcoming newcomers to the networking industry with Janine Malcolm

This is a podcast episode titled, Welcoming newcomers to the networking industry with Janine Malcolm. The summary for this episode is: <p>Today's conversation is with Janine Malcolm, Director of Network Engineering at Salesforce. Janine takes us through her journey to get to where she is today and how she became interested in networking itself. Not only do they get into the nuts and bolts of networking, but also what you can do to get into the industry and why having a college degree isn't always necessary. Janine shares how we can make this space more welcoming to newcomers with advice on how you can start learning more and get your career going. </p>
How to be more welcoming for people to get into network engineering
02:01 MIN
Differences Janine has found while working in service provider networks vs enterprise
03:26 MIN
What's hot and what's hype - Delivery of information
01:41 MIN
How Janine does safe networking
01:55 MIN
Bug scrub and checking for vulnerabilities
02:25 MIN
Advice for those wanting to get into networking
02:15 MIN
Advice to a young Janine(and women in the industry)
01:23 MIN