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Understanding data analysis and online activity with David Belson

This is a podcast episode titled, Understanding data analysis and online activity with David Belson. The summary for this episode is: <p>Network AF host and Kentik CEO Avi Freedman discusses data analysis and trends in understanding online activity with David Belson. David is Cloudflare's Head of Data Insight, where he helps the organization communicate information about the internet such as outages and changes in protocol adoption.</p><p><br></p><p>Throughout the conversation the two discuss: </p><p><br></p><ul><li>Dave's beginning in networking and his role at BBN</li><li>Data analysis growth from the early internet</li><li>Helping people learn skills through product education</li><li>Tracking the digital footprint of online activity</li><li>Advice for communicating and building media relationships</li></ul>
Episode overview and what Dave is up to at Cloudflare as its Head of Data Insight
00:59 MIN
Dave talks about how he got into networking and working for BBN
04:21 MIN
Data analysis and insights at the beginning of the internet
05:29 MIN
Collaboration and competition in the networking industry
04:37 MIN
Tracking down the digital footprint of online activity
04:28 MIN
Telling a story and how Dave corroborates happenings with data and graphs
03:00 MIN
Dave's tips for building relationships with press, analysts, and marketing people
04:28 MIN
"No sharks with lasers down there" — Dave talks about his favorite story he has worked
04:03 MIN
Reporters who ask "The U.S. invented the Internet, how come we're not the fastest"
02:27 MIN
Discussing education hubs and interactive learning opportunities for customers
02:57 MIN
Hoping for common data formats in the near future in order to provide a more comprehensive view
04:03 MIN
The advice Dave would give his younger self
04:15 MIN