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Navigating venture capital and networking with Alan Cohen

This is a podcast episode titled, Navigating venture capital and networking with Alan Cohen. The summary for this episode is: <p>Alan Cohen, partner at venture capital firm DCVC, sits down with Avi to talk about his experience working in networking and security. During the conversation the two discuss Alan's history starting out as an accidental tourist in tech, following the internet's growth to Cisco, then networking and security startups in the Valley. They also cover the advent of virtualization and multi-cloud, and strategies Alan has learned through his venture capital days to reach and grow entrepreneurs' businesses. </p>
Introduction and overview
01:21 MIN
Alan's background and coming to networking as an accidental tourist
03:00 MIN
Nicira and realizing the need for software control layers
02:16 MIN
Alan's experience at Cisco
07:10 MIN
Alan talks about speaking at Vortex
03:21 MIN
Mainstream networking, Nicira, and virtualization
03:27 MIN
The advent of virtualization and VMware
03:19 MIN
VMware, multi-cloud, and the shift from all-in-one packages to specialized SaaS
04:47 MIN
eBPF and designing solutions for "purple" customers
02:27 MIN
Data visualization and learning how to ask the right questions
03:23 MIN
What drew Alan to venture capital?
05:53 MIN
The roles of VC to entrepreneurs and start up founders
03:49 MIN
Alan's advice on entering networking and his cybersecurity triangle
03:03 MIN
What's your advice to younger Alan?
05:25 MIN