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Building a successful networking team in 2023

This is a podcast episode titled, Building a successful networking team in 2023. The summary for this episode is: <p>Building and operating a network has certainly changed over the last few years. It’s no longer a matter of just knowing how spanning tree works, or all about OSPF, or how to configure a VPC on your data center switches. Looking over the landscape of the industry today, we can see network engineers very much involved in public cloud, in programming, and developing an understanding of the nuance of how applications actually work over the network.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>In this episode, Tony Efantis, CCIE and principal network security engineer working joins us to discuss what we expect from network engineers today, and what it means to build a successful networking team in 2023. </p><p><br></p><p>Key Takeaways</p><ul><li>[00:00&nbsp;-&nbsp;03:04] Introduction</li><li>[03:08&nbsp;-&nbsp;07:34] About Tony Efantis and his career in IT</li><li>[07:35&nbsp;-&nbsp;12:42] A help desk job didn't help Tony in the ways you might think</li><li>[12:44&nbsp;-&nbsp;18:12] Building a team of engineer "journeymen"</li><li>[18:12&nbsp;-&nbsp;20:59] Why Tony has organized his team with blended skills from multiple domains</li><li>[21:00&nbsp;-&nbsp;23:10] Scripting it out</li><li>[23:11&nbsp;-&nbsp;27:57] Enjoying the puzzle pieces of problem solving</li><li>[28:06&nbsp;-&nbsp;33:49] Reducing friction and frustration for proper tools, and finding joy IPv6 solutions</li><li>[33:51&nbsp;-&nbsp;36:43] Sniffing out someone's capabilities to learn</li><li>[36:44&nbsp;-&nbsp;40:49] Tony's first command line cut over</li><li>[40:51&nbsp;-&nbsp;46:04] How a multidisciplinary team offers advantages in IT and cloud networking</li><li>[46:04&nbsp;-&nbsp;48:03] Certifications and college degrees</li><li>[48:04&nbsp;-&nbsp;50:38] Candidates with broader knowledge outside of public cloud, thoughts on automation</li><li>[50:42&nbsp;-&nbsp;55:53] Professional maturity is building networks that are invisible</li><li>[56:05&nbsp;-&nbsp;01:00:40] We don't like complexity for complexity's sake</li><li>[01:00:41&nbsp;-&nbsp;01:02:08] Tony's CCIE exam results</li></ul>