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Episode 6  |  51:24 min  |  11.23.2021

Mentorship and shared languages of network engineering with Cat Gurinski

This is a podcast episode titled, Mentorship and shared languages of network engineering with Cat Gurinski. The summary for this episode is: <p>On this episode of Network AF, Avi is joined by Senior Network Engineer Cat Gurinski to share her journey through networking. Cat found a passion for automating deployments and troubleshooting and is the current chair for the NANOG Program Committee.</p><p><br></p><p>Today, Cat discusses her path into networking and her passion for automation as she shares one of her favorite things to do is write Arista API scripts and how she automated her process. You'll also hear insight into how to get started in networking, highlighting the importance of an intro class and mentorship. Networking isn't the only thing Cat is excellent at and passionate about; she tells us how she got started in martial arts and how it's connected to her networking life. Listen now to hear more from their conversation!</p>
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Cat Gurinski
Senior Network Engineer, Chair of the NANOG PC
Cat Gurinsky is a senior network engineer with 14+ years of experience in network engineering. She has a passion for automating both deployments and troubleshooting work in network engineering and especially loves to utilize python + the Arista pyeapi frameworks to achieve these goals. In her limited spare time she also owns and runs the Immortal Tiger Kenpo Karate dojo in Austin, TX.
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