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Episode 1  |  53:54 min  |  09.24.2021

Career and Networking Evolution with BGPMon's Founder Andree Toonk

This is a podcast episode titled, Career and Networking Evolution with BGPMon's Founder Andree Toonk. The summary for this episode is: <p>In our first episode of Network AF, our host Avi Freedman sits down with BGPMon Founder Andree Toonk to discuss the world of networking. Andree is the Senior Engineering Manager at Cisco and has 20 years of experience in network infrastructure. In today's episode, you'll hear insights from Andree that will help you drive your career growth by taking control of your learning experience and finding your mentors. In terms of networking, you'll hear about some of the trends in desegregation and cloud-scale networking. Listen now for a deep dive into network engineering!</p>
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Andree Toonk
Internet Infrastructure Architect
Andree is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur with a passion for all aspects of Internet infrastructure. He has his roots in Internet operations, systems design, and network engineering. This background provides Andree with a solid understanding and hands-on experience with a wide array of technology.
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