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Episode 7  |  01:00:11 hours  |  12.07.2021

From Julliard to Bare Metal with Zac Smith

This is a podcast episode titled, From Julliard to Bare Metal with Zac Smith. The summary for this episode is: <p>On this episode of Network AF, Avi talks with Zac Smith, Bare Metal Managing Director at Equinix. Zac is a graduate of Juilliard, has started multiple networking companies, and is an Operating Board Member of Pursuit. This nonprofit program teaches and mentors underrepresented communities, creating opportunities in the tech and networking space. </p><p><br></p><p>Today, Zac shares his journey from Juilliard to networking and how PC repair helped him financially while in school. He and Avi discuss open source in networking, sustainability, and how cloud vs. a traditional set up works. Zac's passion for mentorship shows in today's episode not only through his volunteer work at Pursuit but when he shares his philosophy on investing in people in the workplace. Tune in now!</p>
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Zachary Smith

|Managing Director, Equinix