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Episode 8  |  50:50 min  |  01.04.2022

Paths to Networking with Ron Winward

This is a podcast episode titled, Paths to Networking with Ron Winward. The summary for this episode is: <p>In today's episode of Network AF, Avi interviews Ron Winward, VP of Network Services at INAP. With 20 years of network services experience under his belt, we want to know more about how he got into networking and how an expert like him learns. Today's discussion will also involve the community and what Ron looks for in those who want to get into networking. Listen now!</p>
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Ron Winward
VP of Network Services, INAP
Ron Winward is the Vice President of Network Services at INAP, a leading provider of network, colocation, and hybrid infrastructure services. Ron and his team are responsible for INAP’s global IP network, which provides performance-oriented ISP services to other businesses. For over 20 years, Ron has helped design resilient network solutions for carriers, enterprises, and cybersecurity providers around the world.
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